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Dec 20, 2022

For over 20 years, Jonathan Jay has bought and sold companies, restructured groups, bought out competitors and successfully completed private equity deals both buy-side and sell-side.

In this episode of The Mind of Business Success Podcast, Jonathan and Alicia discuss the power of business acquisition for accelerated growth, as well as what it takes to find balance as an entrepreneur. Connect with Jonathan:

Connect with Alicia:

Meet your host, Alicia Cramer:

Alicia Cramer is an internationally recognized Business Mindset Expert who specializes in helping business owners quickly shift their subconscious blocks, so they can create more money, success, and fulfillment. She has been referred to as the 'go-to hypnotherapist for entrepreneurs' and has helped thousands of clients and customers for over a decade to breakthrough self-imposed limitations and achieve their personal and professional goals.

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Using my proven 3-Step “Inner Game” Process, you will

1: Identify the self-limiting beliefs and negative associations that have been keeping you stuck.

2: Learn a powerful and highly-effective method for easily shifting your mindset and ‘releasing’ stuck behaviors.

3: Reprogram your success mindset so you can finally achieve your truest desired outcomes.

This is one hour of pure life and business changing training, no fluff!

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