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Sep 5, 2023

Darryl is one of the world’s leading experts on trust. He teaches leaders how to find and use their most powerful tool. A tool that is always in a leader’s control, how to effectively build trust in their relationships. Darryl is an unshakable force of positivity and brings the best out of people. His personal trials have strengthened his resolve and character to be a positive force for Trust. He believes in a bright future and our ability to build it together.

Dr. Stickel is an executive coach with over 20 years of experience focused on Trust. His PhD "Building Trust in Hostile Environments" from Duke University established his unique and practical approach to Building Trust. He worked as a consultant with McKinsey & Company and has taught his methods at Universities and in Boardrooms around the world. He continues to advise and coach C suite executives and delivers Trust workshops to small and large audiences.

Described as a “Trust Savant” his ability to see clearly into trust problems, diagnose them and create a path to move forward for individuals, teams and organizations is remarkable. His Trust model is both simple and insightful. His practical experience and deep knowledge of trust make him a powerful thought partner and ally for individuals at the highest level of organizations. 

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